Places to see

Little Andaman

Little Andaman Island, located south of the South Andaman Island, is at a distance of 120 km. by sea from Port Blair. Hut Bay in Little Andaman is the entry and exit point and also the island headquarter. Little Andaman island offers a perfect mix of white sandy beaches bewitching Waterfalls, Boating through the Creeks, exciting Elephant Safari, Elephant lumbering, Elephant calves training, Surfing etc.

Baratang Island

This island between South and Middle Andaman has beautiful beaches, mangrove creeks, mud-volcanoes and limestone caves. Andaman Trunk Road to Rangat and Mayabunder goes through this island. The island belongs to the Great Andaman Chain, and with an area of 242.6 square kilometres it is one of the main islands of the group, a closely set archipelago in the Bay of Bengal, adjoining the Andaman Sea.

Port Meadows

If you are a die hard adventure fan, then this would be a very very special tour for you. It brings out the real Andaman. The Island of Goaltikri is known only by its local name. It is remote and far from any human settlement and can only be reached by country boats.

Diglipur & Mayabunder

Nearly three hours further North to Rangat, at the top of the island and surrounded by mangrove swamps, is Mayabunder, springboard for the remote northern Andaman Islands. The village, which is home to a large minority of former Burmese Karen tribes, who were originally brought here as cheap logging labour by the British, are more spread out and more appealing than Rangat.

Mystic Backwaters

The Andamans aren’t just sun and sand. They are also jungle that feels as primeval as the Jurassic, a green tangle of ancient forest that could have been birthed in Mother Nature’s subconscious. This wild, antediluvian side of the islands can be seen cruising through a maze of backwaters cutting across the jungles.

Long Island

Long Island, just 47 nautical miles from Port Blair, having an area of about 18, is a remote village with population of around 2000 having many positive points and facilities which are generally not available in other villages of Bay Islands.

Wandoor Marine National Park


A trip to Wandoor Marine National Park will be a delight if you like sandy beach, snorkelling and exploring underwater marine lives. Wandoor is a vast area and the trip usually takes you on a cruise to Jolly Boy island. Boat leaves Wandoor jetty usually in the morning.

Elephant Beach

Trip to Elephant Beach

Elephant beach is on the far side of Havelock Island and has no road connectivity. It is usually reached by country boats. This is a remote secluded beach with comparatively less tourist inflow.

Ross & Smith Island

Ross and Smith, the twin islands joined by a bewitching sand bar, is 30 minutes away from Aerial bay jetty or Kalikapur water sports centre. Directorate of Tourism offers island camping at Smith island during the tourist season.


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